Western Concrete Batch Controllers are designed to be versatile and scaleable, making them ideal systems for everything from small, portable dry batch operations to full size, multi-plant production facilities. Western's time-proven hardware ensures accuracy, reliability and speed while customized software ensures a solution that is tailored to plant-specific requirements.

Typical systems incorporate automatic and manual modes, external meter connectivity and PLC/networking options. Plants looking for streamlined efficiency or to maximize production can benefirt from this family of highly functional and economical controllers. Suitable for Ready-Mix, Precast and other concrete products.

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  • The system consists of a Controller cabinet and software for batching main ingredients
  • Controller may interface with new and existing scales (suitable for retro-fits)
  • Supports multiple Aggregate and Cement Scales
  • Supports Water Scales and Water meter interfaces
  • Utilizes M2000 multi-channel, high-speed digital weight indicators
  • A SMART1 Microcontroller serves as the main processor
  • LCD screen and membrane keypad user interface (optional PC keyboard)
  • Build and store multiple recipe files
  • Run automated batching procedures using recipe data
  • Freefall value adjustment (material specific)
  • Solid state outputs control filling and discharging of all ingredients
  • Batch results are printed on the built-in printer and stored on the built-in removable USB flash drive


  • Admix Request and Verification Input Terminals confirm when admixes have been completed


  • Manual and automatic controls for filling, conveyors, etc
  • Input terminals status, plant diagnostics, etc.
  • Durable, wall-mount enclosure (Steel)
  • Dust-proof and weather-proof, NEMA 4
  • Optional 304 Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions: 30" W x 24" H x 8" D (Typical)
  • Actual size dependent on system specifications